Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March Babies 10'

We are honored to celebrate not 1o r 2 but 6 of our March born student birthday today. The children was so excited as soon as they saw the delicious cakes and the tempting cupcakes being carried across the hall.

The day started with them spending some time at the playground followed an indoor games to keep the  motivation up and finally the much anticipated birthday celebration. It is a day packed with games and activities created especially for Sofea Hani, Hafdzi, Farishah, Maisarah, Iasser and Iman Haqeem.

We are so grateful to all of the parents who contribute foods and party packs to make the day merrier, Alhamdulillah ! ! The children (teachers too) had a fantastic time at school today . We let the pictures speak for themselves :

  Party table : delicious cakes/cupcakes and party pack.. yum yum

 Our prince and princess for the day.

Party time !!

Singing the birthday song.

Look at what I got from my party pack !

Let the games begin...


 Our Little Caliphs.

 Indulging themselves with KFC

I like chicken, you like chicken, we like chicken.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's swimming time...


The children were so excited and started singing ' the wheel on the bus ' with goggles on their head all the way to the pool and as soon as they saw the swimming center, they started clapping knowing we have finally arrived.

Since all they children had changed into their swimming gears ahead in school, they started queuing in front of the pool gate right away. Check out these pictures snapped during the swimming  lesson  :)

Its finally time to swim yey.

They start with blowing bubble under water.

Followed by kicking exercise

I'm a super star !!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Intensive Reading Session

1st term school holiday is just around the corner. Instead of letting the children watch television all day long, why not enroll them in our Intensive Reading Session which will not only be educational  to them but also improve their reading ability .

To ensure your children get the fullest benefit from these program, we are limiting each session to only 2 student . As slots and seats are limited, all enrollment will be 'first come first served' basis. Contact us for further information.

Swimming Lesson in Little Caliphs Prima Saujana

We are proud to announce that we are now offering Swimming Lesson to all LC student starting this month (March). If you wish to enroll your children for the lesson, feel free to contact us personally or via email at

Our 1st class shall commence this Thursday, 4th March, so wait for our next update for photos of the children in the water :) .