Thursday, March 10, 2011

Did somebody says birthday?


Its the time of the month again where we celebrate birthday at school. Each and every children is special, and they definitely deserve to be the guess of honor and to be celebrated among friends.

In the month of February, Diana Aziz turns 6 yrs old and for the month of March, Nor Fakhrullah, A. Fahim Naufal, M. Hafdzi, Nur Farishah Aleyah and Iasser  turns 6yrs old meanwhile Nuryn Azalea, M. Ammar Aisar, Ariana Damia turns 5yrs old and M. Zaeem turn 4 yrs old. Here are the Februarian and Marchian !

  The next generation khalifah of Allah

The children started with the usual assembly and solat, then up to their respective class room for reading session, not knowing that the teachers were planning a birthday party behind their back. When they came back down for their usual morning break, they were pleasantly surprised by the party preparation that was going on.

Wooo its a birthday party ...

We gather them up for a quick zikir and doa recitation for the celebrated birthday girls and boys, then followed by the much anticipated birthday celebration. Time sure fly's when you are having fun, before they know it, its already time to go home. Our biggest gratitude to all the parents for all the food and goodies contribution. Here are the rest of the photos !

Zikir and doa session..

The excited faces..

We love birthdays !!

 The long feast table.. Thank you parents ")

 Its my birthday and I want a birthday song

Busy checking out their goodies

Look at this ! Wow soya milk yummy.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Parent's Reading Technique Workshop


It wasn't easy but we manage to make it happened. United as one, eleven Little Caliphs Centers collaborated for the Parent's Reading Technique workshop which was held recently.

We are fortunate for have more then one third of our student's parent among the hundreds to attend the workshop. The speaker was none other then the Little Caliphs founder herself Pn. Hajjah Sabariah Faridah, with her unique ways, surely delivered an interesting, informative and fun speech. Here are some of the photos that we snapped during the workshop.

Our bright and cheerful registration table

Equip with handouts.

 All ears..

 Teachers on the spot light showing what we do at LC.

 The peace before the storm..

The first wave of hurricane 'a'  :)

 Attack of the stormy 'fa'

Then comes 'ra' 

 And the fun continues.. 

And now you can also do it at home.. insyaallah..