Friday, May 20, 2011

May Bday Bash !!

Asslamualaikum and greetings everybody.

The month of May witness our very own Haziq and Najihah's turning of age. They are proudly 5 yrs old this month and like any other children out there, they wants to celebrate their special day with close friends, in their case 60 of their closes friends!

In the era of science and technology where the children are more expose to TV and video games, we at LC Kajang decided to turn to a more traditional approach, where we introduce traditional games to them ever since we first operated back  in 2010. Our aim is to generate ukhwah through fun and games. 

The day started with a bang where the children enjoyed them self with music & movement, followed by our flavor of traditional games of the month  'Fox & Chic'. There was screaming, running, sweat dripping, and not to forget excitement that could not be describe in words. Let the picture speak for them self !

 Birthday girl with her besties !

 Blowing their candle

 Learning action verb with 'Elephant Dance'

Playing in a conducive, safe and controlled environment.

 60 of my closes friend.

 Wave to the left

 Du'as for our celebrated boy and girl

 Patiently queuing for the goodies : thank you parents !

Woo-ow what do I have here ..

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Speech and Drama Class

Assalamualaikum and Good Evening everyone.

As some of you may have known, we are now conducting a Speech And Drama Classes for "Ultimate Readers Club" in LC Kajang : Seri Atun, once a week. This module is especially designed to cater our fluent readers to help them improve their pronunciation, speaking, discussion and conversational skills while their other classmates can fully focus in developing their basic reading skills.

Why speech and drama?

Speech is communicating with one another and Drama is choosing an interesting way to express it.

Fear of speaking in public or socializing with peers is not uncommon for children. They are anxious, afraid of being ridiculed or being the center of attention.  The truth is, these fears will stay and develop in children, long into adulthood – if not challenged. Speech and Drama builds or develops  -  Confidence, Self-Esteem, Social Skills and Conversational Ability.It also teaches empathy. It provides opportunities for children to experience the world from perspectives outside their own. Speech and Drama lessons are not just meant for reserved children but for the exuberant ones too. Drama is a wonderful way through which they can channel their energies to find innovative methods of creating and expressing!

The benefits of speech and drama are obvious. Children become self-confident and at the same time become good communicators!

We believe that children should and have the right to be children. Speech and Drama definitely gives them the opportunity to have fun, all well-disguised of course!

Building trust

 Being comfortable with each other

 1st trial run.. so far so good..

 Very much into their character now

Helping with the new comers!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sports Day !!! Yeay!

Next in line, our first sports day !!!

Date     : 18 June 2011
Venue  : Uniten
Time    : 7.30am
Note          : Parents are encourage to come to the event in our team color : RED

A combo of 4 LC namely:
Little Caliphs Kajang   ie. our very own Kindy :),
Little Caliphs Bangi Seksyen 3, 
Little Caliphs Bangi Seksyen 7 and 
Little Caliphs GMI.

Join us in cheering your children with our very own kindy cheer :

" Chilli Chilli Bang Bang "
" Lets Go Chilli, Lets Go ! (2 clap) "