Sunday, April 24, 2011

Aikido Kids In Action.


Our 1st Aikido session went smoothly, alhamdulillah. The children was so excited once they saw the instructor  laying down the blue exercise mat. They were treated with a quick self defense demo followed by some stretching then straight away to the basic of Aikido.

At the end of the day , they walk away with not only self defense knowledge but also a little bit of simple Japanese :)

1st we learn to stand straight


 Here we go ...

Doing our 'Migi' stand

 Tokuni dousureba rooru (this is how I roll)

Super Duper April Birthday Bash !


We had a huge surprise installed for the children today. We receive a special visit from 'Uncle Bob The Clown' courtesy of one of the student's parent ( jazakalwahhuhairan katira) . The children were entertained with a magic show and some game. Each children walked away with their own sculptured balloon, 3 goodies beg and a memory to last a lifetime.

 It was definitely a day to remember for Afreena Mariessa, Aisyah Nurkamilah, Nawal Adnin Sofea, Hani Nursyabihah, Afiq Naqiuddeen, Dania Hananni, M Aiman and Fatin Amni  .Mya you grow to be a good khalifah of Allah, insyaallah.

Elite & Ultimate Readers Club


We are really grateful and blessed to be involve in molding the future of your children. Watching them grow right in front of our eyes is really a privilege and witnessing them developing the utmost important skill is truly an honor.

We present our 1st Batch of Elite Readers 2011 (fluent readers in Bahasa Malaysia) and Ultimate Readers 2011 (fluent readers in Bahasa Malaysia & English).

Ultimate Readers Club 2011

Elite Readers Club 2011

We love to read !

Thursday, April 7, 2011

2011 Annual School Excursion


Well to start with, this year was totally different comparing to last year. Getting things organize was a lot harder this time around. Our big group of 60 student was divided into 10 mini group to fill up 2 big yellow school bus.

The day started with a mini assembly at school before we headed off to the fire-station. The children was off the roof when they saw the big bright red firetruck equipped with the hose and the shinny ladder. They were literally screaming.

We headed to Beryl's Chocolate Factory next. The children was on sugar high with all you can eat chocolate by the time we head for lunch at National Mosque. Our next stop was only a few minutes away. Kuala Lumpur Bird Park was simply amazing. The children had first hand experience feeding the beautiful parrots and seeing the chicken hatchery. At first they were scared to touch the birds but by the time we left , they was practically best friend.

Pictures speak more then words so let's check them out :)

 We start the journey with dua's

 Are you ready for us? We are surely ready for you !

 Listening patiently ..

Fits like a gloves...erm kinda

 Future savior

Wow I've been inside the fire truck, how about you ?

I see chocolate every where..

 Bissmillah.... yum yum

 Boys high on sugar :)

 Lunch time

Look at my yellow band.. I'm im !

 The peacock greeted us in ..

A sea of Little Caliphs

We love it here !

 Checking out the fish pond

Lets take 5..

Up-close and personal

My new bff on my kupiah !

Group photos.

I'm too tired to eat the biscuit.. 

"A child is a gift, an amanah and a trial to his parents, family and society. Along with it comes a great responsibility – The responsibility to nurture them towards becoming the best that they could be, both in dunia and akhirat." -LC Founder