Saturday, September 10, 2011

Intensive Revision Marathon


It feels like it was just yesterday we welcomed our student to school, and now we are almost to the end of 2011. The children has grown so much since the first time we see them, education and sociology wise,and understanding that Islam is not just as religion, its a way of life.

Final term 2011 examination  for all student will be held sometime in October, so we decide to have an intensive revision marathon on Maths subject.  Our 6 years old however will have an extra paper of English subject too.

We would like to encourage parents to ensure that your children doesn't miss a day of school as the final term exam paper will be based on this marathon sheet.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eid Celebration 2011


The much anticipated 1st day of school after the term break is finally here. The children was so excited to come to school today in their respective 'Baju Raya' for the Eid Celebration 2011.

The boys came in their baju melayu complete with songkok and sampin, and some in jubah and kupiah. Meanwhile the girls looked so beautiful in their colorful baju kurung and hijab. Somehow the color red seems to be the favorite color this year.

The day started with a practical solat as usual but with a twist where we performed solat sunat Eid instead followed by takbir raya and salam session between all of the students. Next were the photo session before they were served with yummy food.To foster the spirit of Eid and ukhwah, the childrens sat together and eat side by side for Eid brunch,  and was also entertained with some festive music while they dine. The day ended with a salam session with all the teacher after arts & craft and reading session was completed.

It was a memorable day for all of us teachers included. Thank you so much for all the melt in your mouth Sugi's, mouth watering Tarts, out of this world Almond London's, much anticipated traditional Samprits, hot and spicy Knotted Popiah and all the other delicious kueh raya, not forgetting the hampers too . May Allah rewards your kindness with the highest reward, amin.

For more photos and videos, please view from our Facebook account.

The 'Cotton Girls'

Camera shy.. Who me? Not !

Make your saf straight and tight

Together we pray.

Children today, leaders tomorrow.

 Sweet Pink and Purple power.

 Cool Blue, Pure White, Mysterious Black and Lighting Grey
P/S: and one lost earthy brownie

 The Brave Reds

 Mighty Yellow

Earthy Brown and Shady Green

 Eid Brunch aka Makan Besar

Thank you Allah for all the food.

I missed playing with you

 Hey you forgotten to wash your hands!

 Fold up your sleeves boys !

All you can eat satay

 The seniors

Salam session and the Eid packet collection  :)

  • May the guidance of Allah be with you and your family, and the choicest blessing of Allah filled your life with peace, joy and prosperity. Salam Eid Mubarak.