Monday, August 8, 2011

2012 Registration Offer..


We are open for 2012 registration & enrollment effective today. Enjoy a savings of RM100 when you enroll your children for 2012 school session. This offer is valid until end of October 2011.

For more information on how you can enjoy this saving, please feel free to call us at 019-2664107 or 019-2685448.

Only limited number of seat available and is first come first served basis as we practice a small number of student ratio per class. Once the quota is reach, registration will be closed. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Ramadhan Al Mubarak..

Assalamualaikum ,

The much anticipated holy month of Ramadhan is finally upon us, Alhamdulillah and it is our duty as the khalifah of Allah to oblige the 3rd pillars of Islam: Fasting.

The children has been practicing the niat for fasting and the breaking of fast duas for few days now  .They were also briefed on adab during the fasting month especially for the student is not fasting and not forgetting the importance of sahur.

To encourage our young caliphs to fast, we have made a simple but yet special tag for them to wear proudly in school even if they could just manage to fast till noon. It is heartwarming to see our student as young as 5yrs old has started fasting full day, maasya-Allah.

Observing the Holy month of Ramadhan

Proud to be a Khalifah of Allah

I am fasting, how about you?

We at LCPS would like to take this oppurtunity to wish everyone Ramadhan Kareem. May Allah bless us all during Ramadhan and throughout, with His forgiveness, compassionate, peace, and bring us all closer to Allah and to each other. Amin.

Exploring & Learning With Puppet Show !

Assalamualaikum to all parents and friends,

In conjunction with our August monthly theme: Animal and integrating the holy month of Ramadhan, with the help of one of our Teacher's parents,we present a 'Puppet Show' especially for our student.

They children enjoyed themselves singing, interacting and deciding what the story line for the play will be. It was refreshing to see them throwing their ideas to the floor and not being afraid to voice their opinion. Even the parent who assisted us was shocked to see such good feedback and  creative ideas coming from the children as young as 4 yrs old.

Here are some photos snapped that day.

 Just look at their faces.. big eyes and all smiles

Clapping and singing to the melody of the guitar.

Here comes the puppet !

 My oh my that was fun!