Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our 1st Birthday Celebration of 2011


Greeting everyone. Hope the year of 2011 has been good to you as it was for us. This week we had our monthly birthday celebration, celebrating 7 of our January born student. The children was pumped to found out that there will be a party at school. This month Nur Irdina, M. Zarif and Damia Iman turns 6yrs old, M. Zafri and Qaisara Seyit turns 5yrs old and not forgetting Ziyad Nuwairi and Husna Maisara turns 4yrs old. May you grow to become a good Khalifah of Allah.

It was a food galore alhamdulillah thanks to all the contribution that we receive from all the parents. Jazakallahu khairan kathira words cant describe our gratitude for all your kindness and support in making this event a success.

A good break after almost a month of studying and getting the hang of school especially for the first timer. At Little Caliphs Prima Saujana, we believe that real, life-changing learning happens in an environment of academic excellence, challenge, and personal connection not forgetting that it must be filled with fun hence the saying "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy".

 Yeay to the birthday party

 Yeay to the yummy foods and goodie begs

The celebrated Januarians !

The food galore, alhamdulillah.

 Mouth watering goodies yum yum..

 And now we queue for the goodies

The look of anticipation

I want that, that and that..

 Patient bunch of  little caliphs.

This is what they were waiting for.

 And this..

Now we eat. 

And the fun begins.

All smiles. Need we say more?

"Oh Allah, please repay our parents for all their blood and sweat, for giving birth and raising us, with multiple merit and rewards, we seek your wisdom to grant them with the greatest gift, blessing and rewards, make them proud of having us, our all Mighty God, Allah S.W.T. Amin "