Monday, May 3, 2010

Camping day !!


Don't you just wish that you've gone camping with your friends when you were younger? Well we believe that first hand experience are much more memorable and benefiting to the children. It is a right brain approach that is necessary for their multiple intelligent development and also teaches them the true value of the importance of planning, team work, self-sufficient, and appreciation. It definitely beats learning the theory concept of an out door activities such as camping and picnic. That is why we decided to have a 'Camping Day' at school  (in the class room actually).

The whole camping experience is an elaborated planned activity that started prior to the camping day itself. The children was so excited when they assisted the teacher to put up the tent and once the tent is set up, they were screaming with joy.

'Camping Day' program is executed phase by phase starting from Bistari class, followed by Bijak class and lastly Pintar class, trough-out the first week of May 2010. So don't be shocked if your children inform you that they are going camping! Below are some picture taken on the initial 'Camping Day' program for Bistari Class :) ...

 Look at my happy sparkling eyes..

Making my 1st sandwich

Alhamdullillah , we did it !!

Picnic time .

We love camping !