Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our Annual Excursion...

The much awaited annual excursion went smoothly thanked to all parents, the teachers, the trip service operator and most importantly the children.  The day started with pre-trip briefing by the service operator followed by the visit to Beryl's Chocolate factory, then to Muzium Negara and Planeterium before stopping for lunch at Tasik Perdana. As the National Science Center was closed for internal maintenance, we decided to upgrade the visit to Petrosains instead.  It was a beautiful day and the children really enjoyed themselves. Just take a look at these photos :

Listening to the rep. from Hani Genius CDC

 On the big orange school bus.

 Our first stop was the Beryl's Chocolate factory

All you can eat chocolate.. yum yum...

A hand full of chocolate to eat.

In front of the National Museum 

Busy looking around

A wave good bye to the museum.

 While waiting for the bus.

 In the Anti Gravity Room : Planetarium

 This is suppose to be an astronaut pose..

A real life functional robot.. amazing!

 Lunch at Tasik Perdana.

Too bad we didn't have time to check out the playground.

 And we are off to Petrosains !

Im a T-Rex grrrrrrrrr !!

Mission control mock up.

 Test driving the F1 simulator

The ride back..  :)