Monday, June 20, 2011

LC Annual Sports Day 2011 - part 1


First and foremost we would like to thank Allah for His blessing and guidance in making this event a success. Our first sports day was jointly organized with 3 other Little Caliphs programmed operator; LC Bangi Sek 3, LC Bangi Sek. 7 and LC GMI.

We were the 'Chilli Red' that day where all of our children was in their red sports attire complete with cap. Their parents and family too was in our school color to show their support!

The day started with an Official Parade ceremony where all participating students from all school marched to the track. Once all 4 colors was at the grand stand, the children start to recite dua's, pledge, dance exercise and lastly, the school cheer.

 All smiles

Nervous bunch.. but not for long

Are we starting now?

Finally !!!

Representing LC PS Kajang : The red chilli army

 Warming up to a 'senamrobik'

 LC GMI : Purple Dream

 LC Bangi Sek. 3 : Blue Ocean

LC Bangi Sek 7 : Green Warrior

 Our chillies doing their cheer

The opening event was held by the 4 yrs old where they participated in 2 event; Crawl Baby Crawl and Basket Balls. We receive few penalties as some of our students missed out few step in the event. Our spirit was still high as we were too excited to see the children enjoying themselves. Check them out in action!

 The 4yrs old getting ready to hit the track

 Remember to hop 3 times !

 Run Nasreen run !

Just the red ball ok !

Here we go ...

 Good job every one

Up next was the 5 yrs old student. They participated in 3 event : Balancing Act, Hop Hop Don't Drop & Pop And Plop. The teachers was still cheering and giving them morale support even though on some event we finished last. By the time they completed all event, we were few points behind the leaders and runner up in the overall point standing.

 Waiting for their turn

 Lets go chilli, lets go !


 One foot over another, take your time..

 I'm up ...

 Full concentration ....

 Spread your arm to balance the bean beg

 Careful not to drop the bean beg

Finally its my turn

 Hop 3 times and run

 Well done caliphs

 Crawl and run !

to be continue...............