Tuesday, June 21, 2011

LC Annual Sports Day 2011 part 2 ....


The 6yrs old student participated in 3 event : Walking Turtle, Pyramid Cup and the finale event 'Run Caliphs Run'. They had waited patiently and now its their turn to take the stage, all pumped up and excited.

Unfortunately our school photographer could only snaps the photos from the sideline unlike on previous event. Nevertheless we still manage to capture some interesting photos. As the day get brighter and hotter, somehow the most inner track gets softer. We had to help some student with the turtle walk as the equipment sank into the track which make it even harder for the children to walk on. 

 All fired up and ready to go !

 When the chillies goes marching down ....

 Don't forget to run around the cone.

 Stack and run

 At their relay position waiting for the whistle

All flushed face, eyes focused and breathing heavily !

 Almost there

Mini celebration right after winning the relay

While the children were on break before the award presentation ceremony, the parents participated in the 'Siamese Chicken' event created especially for LC parents. It was a sweet ending to a hard day when we heard that we became the 'LC Annual Sports Day 2011', Champion! Masya-Allah. Congratulation to all our caliphs for all the hard work. You really deserve the win for never giving up even when we were last. Slow and steady wins the race, Alhamdulillah.

 Notice that our parents are in the school colors.. thank you for the support

Getting ready for the award ceremony

 Our head boy accepting the medal on behalf of LC Prima Saujana

 The Champion of Annual Little Caliphs Sports Day 2011

Our biggest gratitude to all the parents, teachers and volunteers who help us in making this event a success. May Allah repay your kindness and grants your with the highest rewards.