Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2011 Grand Ihtifal & Concert part 2

*continued from part 1 of 2011 Grand Ihtifal and Concert post

Up next was a Public Speaking Poem Recitation by the Winner of the Poem Reading Competition; an event held in school by the Speech & Drama Club. Let truth be told, studies showed that the no. 1 fear in life is public speaking, and to witness our student Fatin Amni standing alone on the stage with only a microphone calmly reciting her poem and capturing the audience full attention with her confidence and stage presences was unbelievable. Honestly we had our doubt but she clearly prove us wrong, kudos to her.

 Poem Recitation by Fatin Amni entitle 'When I Was Ill '

Awards for the 6 yrs old student was up next followed by Dikir Barat by the 6yrs old boys, singing a song that was inspired back in 2010; after noticing that almost everyone in class was singing the same song, change the lyrics and was an instant hit at school.

Next was the awards for 4 yrs old student followed by a special play by the Speech And Drama Club : Caterpillar Voices. The children was so brave on stage doing their thing, acting and delivering their scripts just like any ordinary day and captivating the audience with their showmanship and confidence. There was not a single hint of shyness coming from them, subahanallah.

 Eeehhh one two three....

Opening greeting

 Dikir Barat : Super Muslim song
(lyrics by t.chu, originally sang by Lucky laki : Superman)

 Closing : Wau bulan

 A play by Speech & Drama Club : The Caterpillar Voices

Our 3 rabbits.

 Its a story about 2 caterpillars who refuse to go out from the rabbits burrow

 The fierce leopard came to help but fail.

 And the big elephant came help but was unsuccessful 

 Even the mighty rhinoceros tried but they too fail.

 The tiny green frog came and proves that size doesn't matter

 And the caterpillar finally came out.

 The cast


Finally it the 4yrs and 5yrs old student to take the stage again, doing a Chanting entitle The Bear Hunt, which was head by Qaisara (5yrs) and Mariessa (4yrs). It was definitely a show worth waiting for, with lots of uhhhh  and ahhhh moments,seeing those adorable children so comfortable on stage and overdosing on their cuteness .

Head Chanter : The most important person for chanting

 Long wavy grass

 There's no way over, under or around,
only through it !

 Oh no, deep swirly river

 And now we have go through the cave!

 Here comes the bear!

The moments that we have been waiting for is finally here. The Class of 2011 took their final walk up the stage complete with robe and hat, and looking so handsome and beautiful. It was a bitter sweet ending for us, bitter as we wont be seeing their anymore, sweet knowing they are ready to face the world.

It was truly been a privilege to be your teachers and thank you so much for all the laughter that you bring to our life.  Congratulation Class of 2011. May your life hereafter be guided with Allah grace,blessing, mercy and love, insyallah.


Presenting  Class of 2011 Graduates

  Choir: Illaliqa and Farewall song.


You're a very special person, and I wanted you to know.
How much I enjoyed being your teacher, how far the years did go.
Please come back to visit me,as through the grades you grow,
Try hard to learn all that you can, there is so much to know.
The one thing I tried to teach you, to last your whole life through,
Is to know that your are special, there is no one else like you!

Class Of 2011 (Pandai)

Sitting (fr. left): Nawal, Afiq, Syazwan, Iffat, Airiel, Huda
Standing (fr. left): Fateh, Iman, Iasser, Diana, Irdina, Farishah, Hannani, Fahim

Class Of 2011 (Pintar)

Sitting (fr. left) : Eiman , Zarif, Uzair, Kimi, Fakhrullah, Iman
Standing (fr. left) : Alif, Fatin, Azyyati , Damia, Ain, Feekah, Hafdzi

* Good to know dua's and wirik for every student