Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2011 Grand Ihtifal & Concert Pt 1

Assalamualaikum ,

Syukur alhamdulillah for His willing, blessing and guidance, our 2011 Grand Ihtifal & Concert went smoothly. The event was held in Jade Hills Resorts Clubhouse on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, 12th Nov. It was such a memorable event that we had to break the post into part 1 and part 2.

A spectacular view of the concert hall

Beautifully decorated 

It was a day to remember especially to our beloved Class of 2011 graduates, who worked so hard on all of their performances, which consist of  Dua recitation with translation, Cultural Dance, Dikir Barat, a Play, a Poem recitation, and lastly the choir. A day especially dedicated to them as our honored guest. The rest of the student have an important parts to play too..

 Nerves of steel

 Getting ready for rehearsal

 shy? who me.. not

 Class of 2011 : Pandai
(Airiel, Syazwan, Fahim, Fateh, Afiq, Iffat, Iasser, Irdina, Hannani, Diana, Nawal, Farishah, N.Iman and Huda)

 Class of 2011 : Pintar 
(Hafdzi, Alif.Q,  A. Iman, Hakimi, Iman. S, Uzair, Zarif, Fakhrullah, Feekah, Damia, Fatin, Ain, Azyyati)

The day started with an Opening Performance: Stick Dance, where all the student dance in a pitch black hall with a glow in the dark stick followed by a showcase from the Aikido Kids with a special performance from Aikido Superstar Iffat, Afiq, Fahim and Wafiy . Snippet from the missing aikido showcase can be viewed via our facebook account.

  Getting ready for the glow in the dark stick show


 The Aikido Kids Showcase

 Two hand front jump and roll

 Aikido superstar Wafiy, Afiq, Iffat and Fahim (fr. left)

 One hand front jump and roll

 No hand front jump and roll (with Sensei assistance of course :)

Superstar Wafiy face off with Sensei

And down the giant fall.. piece of cake !

 The event was officiated with a Dua by Ustaz Harul N. followed by a special welcoming speech by the masters of ceremony. Our first performance was a '1000 Dinar Dua Recitation and Translation' by the year 6 student, followed by '4 Qul Recitation' by the year 5 student and 'Daily Zikir and Taubat Nasuha Dua Reciatation with Translation' by the 4 years old student.

 1000 Dinar & Translation by 6 yrs old

 4 Qul by the 5 yrs old (Bijak)

 4 Qul by the 5 yrs old (Bistari standing)

 Daily Zikir and Dua Taubat Nasuha with translations by 4 yrs old

 The very relaxed 4yrs old sitting down and berzikir

After the 5 yrs old Awards Presentation, the show continued with a 'Rhythm Coordination' performance by our 5 yrs old student followed by the 6yrs old girls 'Cultural Dance'. It was such an over whelming feeling to witness these children not only able to coordinate the musical instrument to the music but also manage to memorize the difficult fan dance choreography, with out any assistance from teachers during the show, maasyaallah.

 Rhythm Coordination : Musical Instrument by 5yrs old

There was maracas, clappers and stick tambourine

 Cultural Dance : Fan by the 6yrs old girls

 Wave circle

  A 'V' shaped, look easy but it took a lot of practice to make it perfect

Kudos to the girls,the dance was fantastic to the very end.

Up next was a Public Speaking Poem Recitation by the Winner of the Poem Reading Competition; an event held in school by the Speech & Drama Club. Let truth be told, studies showed that the no. 1 fear in life is public speaking, and to witness our student Fatin Amni standing alone on the stage with only a microphone calmly reciting her poem and capturing the audience full attention with her confidence and stage presences was unbelievable. Honestly we had our doubt but she clearly prove us wrong, kudos to her.

 Poem Recitation by Fatin Amni

A poem entitle 'When I was ill'

to be continued... see you on our part 2 post .